Caring for Beeswax Wraps

Caring for Beeswax Wraps

If you recently made Beeswax Wraps with us as part of Rebecca Page’s Quick Gifts Summit, we wanted to follow up with some tips for caring for your new wraps! Here is our list of dos and don’ts.


  • Give them out as gifts or use them as re-usable gift wrap!
  • Use the wraps to cover cooked meat, cheese and other food
  • Wipe them clean with a damp dish rag and let dry
  • Submerge extra dirty wraps in cool water with a mild dish soap and hang to dry
  • Reapply wax mixture when the wraps have lost their stickiness by popping them in the oven for 3-5 minutes
  • Compost old beeswax wraps that are no longer sticky


  • Heat in the microwave, stovetop or oven unless you want to redistribute the waxes
  • Wrap raw meat or anything that could cause bacteria to spread in the wraps
  • Forget to use them in place of plastic wrap or single use food wrappers

Enjoy your wraps and be sure to tag your makes on social media using #mainstreetsewingco

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