The Sentiment, My Shame, and Stuffed Bunnies

The Sentiment, My Shame, and Stuffed Bunnies

It is shameful how long it’s been since my last post. You might be thinking that I fell off the face of the earth…and you wouldn’t be wrong. Let me relive the sentiment of the last six months of exhaustion. I worked 12+ hour days every week and my husband and I were knee-deep in a home renovation project that lingered for months. Survival to Christmas was crucial because, in January 2021, I would transition full time into my dream job.

I planned to sew a lot of things over Christmas break, but then, my husband tested positive for COVID-19. Despite my efforts to stay healthy, I tested positive a few days later. I had no energy to sew and even less brainpower to write blog posts.

Now that I’ve recovered from COVID and am settled into my new job, I have time to write and share my projects again! I have some exciting projects in the works that I’m looking forward to sharing with you in the coming months!

Honey-colored stuffed bunny handmade with Minky fabric, leather paw pads, and floppy ears.

This adorable stuffed bunny was just waiting patiently to be shared. Before Christmas, I was asked to create a special stuffed bunny as a commission. I haven’t sewn a stuffed animal since my middle school Home-Ec days, but I was excited about the challenge! Commissions are so much fun because you get to bring life to someone’s vision.

I used this pattern from Etsy to create the body, arms, and floppy ears of the Bunny but then I tweaked it a bit. This stuffed bunny was made with a delightfully soft Minky fabric and leather paw pads that I purchased from Amazon. I wanted this bunny to have prominent features so I used a kit for the eyes and nose. The floppy ears and pink belly were made from pink flannel fabric and the whole bunny was stuffed with Fiber Fill stuffing inside.

Even though it took me 17 years after my first stuffed animal project to sew another one, I know there will be many more in my future. This bunny was way too fun and way too cute not to make again!

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